About Us

What sites do we research?

The aim of our website is to find and evaluate NZ online casinos. As a responsible gamer, you can’t just go online and deposit your money into the first casino you come across. This isn’t only risky, but also unwise. There are casinos that offer tremendous benefits to players compared to other gambling sites, such as versatile games, high-quality gaming, multiple payment options, as well as various bonuses and special offers. These are the casinos we strive to find for you.

Do we research only casinos?

In addition to researching casinos, we also research online pokies and software developers. Our task is to find the games that will offer you the greatest gambling experience, created by the most trusted software developers. Based on the licenses and software used, we’ll determine what casino site is best to use. In addition to this, we check for other criteria such as reputation, bonuses and special features, as well as payout speed of each casino under review.

Meet our team

Joe – Webmaster

The man behind all this is Joe – our webmaster. Joe is the link between everyone working on casinos for this website. He takes the work of writers, reviewers, and editors and puts it out there for you to see. His task is to organize the content we present to you, provide you with instant and accurate data when you most need it, as well as serve as our best medium to share our concerns about scam or low-quality casinos. To get in touch write here: [email protected]

Alex – Editor

Alex, our editor, is the person who checks the work of our writers and determines if it’s complete and ready to be patched through to Joe, the webmaster. Once Alex confirms the reliability and accuracy of our reviews and double-check everything on the casino’s site and online, Joe takes over and shares that review with you.

Claire – Writer/ Reviewer

Claire is where everything begins. She takes a request for casino review and starts her work. Claire is the person who looks into the casino’s reputation, tests its features, and uncovers the most important information such as licenses, year of establishment, wagering requirements, and games list. After collecting all this data, Claire will have the review finalized and ready to be sent out to our editor, Alex.

How do we evaluate online casinos

We check deposit/ withdrawal methods

To determine the quality of any given casino, we start with something that most players want to be sure of right away – the money processing. In this part of our evaluation, we will check the wagering requirements, as well as the banking methods available for processing deposits and withdrawals. We’ll let you know about the expenses and payroll processing times, as well as the various banking options as given by a casino.

We check the license

Our next step is a highly essential step in reviewing any casinos. For the casino to be a safe option for you to use, it has to be licensed, and not just by anyone. We’ll check who licensed the casino in question and inform you if it is legal and safe to play the games on the given website.

We check games list

You can’t have a great time on a casino site if it offers low-quality games to its players. The main goal of most players is to make a win and withdraw some money, but no one wants to play at a casino with very few or low-quality games. This is why we also check the games list and quality to see what you can expect from any given casino.

We check wagering requirements

All those games you can play will only be available to you if you meet the casino’s wagering requirements. These will be related to your age, location, as well as based on minimum and maximum deposits. To give you all the information you need to start playing right away, we’ll check what these requirements are and share the information in our reviews.

We check online feedback

One of the best ways to figure out how good or bad a casino is to see what others have said about it. To save you a lot of time, we’ll do this for you. In our reviews, you’ll also learn what people have said about the casino online after playing there.

We check bonus offers

The final step of our detailed evaluation will be one that’s most enticing to players – the bonus offers. Online casinos come with this incredible advantage of being able to offer continuous and rather big bonuses. We’ll see what these bonus offers include for the casino we’re reviewing and share that information in the review.