Best Paying Online Casino Slots

Best Paying Slots Online

One of the most essential indexes we can use to rank pokies is the pay rate. All punters are interested in finding the best paying slots, as everybody desires to win big and become wealthy. We’ll detail next, a couple of rules in order to choose the proper pay rate pokies, with some concrete examples of games to check out.

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What is Pay Rate in Online Pokies?

The pay rate in online pokies is the calculated statistical percentage, which represents the number of times that a gambler has the chance to win, or lose, at a specific slot. There are some concepts which are relevant in establishing a pokie’s pay rate:

  • RTP. Return to Player ratio, combined with the game’s volatility, gives out a clear image of the chances a punter has to win while playing a certain slot.
  • House edge. This indicator works as the RTP’s opposite and it shows the average probability for the slot’s operator to win.
  • RNG. The Random Number Generator is the function that ensures the fairness of odds for pokies.
  • Payout table. The table where each combination of symbols is transposed in a number of coins won.

What Pay Rate is Low?

Taking into account the latest issued pokies, a low pay rate would have an RTP below 94%, combined with high volatility. The chances for a big jackpot to be won in this case, are diminished, at least compared to other slots with different technical specifications.

What Pay Rate is High?

In this area with highly competitive products, being defined as top paying slots, becomes really important for creating a profitable business. Where slots are concerned, an RTP in the 97-99% interval is considered a high pay rate, taking into account that there will always be a house edge, no matter how small.

Best Paying Slots Online in NZ

Immortal Romance

This Microgaming slot presents 243 winning combinations for its customers and with a declared pay rate of 96.86%, it positions itself as one of the top choices. Beyond this, it became a fan’s favorite both due to the vampire theme it presents and on account of the in-game special features, the Chamber of Spins being one of the most renowned traits.


A simpler version of slots, still filled with fun colors and entertaining graphics, Carnaval is a Mardi Gras themed pokie, with straightforward gameplay. A good choice for those looking for a change from creating strategies or for new-comers in this gambling market, especially since the RTP is 96.94%.

Mega Moolah

Having the title of being the best paying online casino slots, Mega Moolah is a world-famous progressive jackpot slot, with many enlisted wins of impressive values. The fact that it has an RTP of 94%, which is high as progressive jackpots are concerned, and a massive jackpot worth 1 million dollars, makes it a most popular gambling choice.

Thunderstruck II

This medium volatility game comes with an RTP of 96.65%, which provides a rather high winning chance. It has the same concept that Microgaming usually presents of a 243 winning ways, instead of the regular pay lines, increasing the odds for a favorable result and a Nordic mythology theme, which increases the amount of fun during gameplay.

Big Kahuna

This Hawaiian-themed slot has many attractive features to show both technical and in-game:

  • The RTP is an impressive 96.2% ratio
  • The storyline consists in entering the world of a Hawaiian shaman
  • The symbols are quirky: a grinning monkey, dancing shaman, an iguana or a tribal mask
  • One of the bonus rounds has players handing fruit offerings to a golden volcano.


This is one of the most intriguing pokies based on the famous game and it follows the adventures of Agent 47 while making sure the payers get some of that contract-money along the way. It presents a bunch of exciting bonuses, as the expanding symbol of Agent 47, a Contract round, where the players select the victim and the weapon of choice for added bonuses up to 270000 coins.


This slot finds its roots in the Chinese culture, with multiple symbols pertaining to its history. The RTP of the game is 95.29%, a rather high value, with a maximum jackpot of 5000 times the bet. As a special feature, the Emperor symbol which hands out wins whenever it visits the last two reels, regardless of pay lines.

Advantages of online pokies

There are a number of obvious benefits of playing online pokies, many of which have to do with the accessibility trait, but there are also some advantages which can directly impact the financial side, as well:

  • Online pokies are available all around the clock, 24/7, without needing to move at specific locations
  • Choosing the top paying online slots is much easier, since real money online casino operators usually reveal the RTP and volatility of their offered slots, something the land-based operators rarely do
  • Having an international exposure, rather than a local attendance as land-based slots do, enables pokies providers to hand out higher jackpots than is the case with some classic physical games.

Disadvantages of online pokies

The most shortcomings refer to the lack of human interaction and some other aspects that make land-based casinos entertaining, with some minuses that also affect the real money bit:

  • First, there is no social interaction, as having live sessions of pokies isn’t as rewarding as live dealers table games
  • The atmosphere of luxury and opulence isn’t something to surround yourself at home with
  • Winning at a land-based casino means immediately cashing in your chips and bringing home the money, whereas online withdrawals usually occur after a couple of days
  • The risk of entering a debt is higher, as betting using a credit card is quite usual when playing online slots.

FAQ on online pokies

Are online pokies legal in NZ?

Having an online casino operating in NZ isn’t within the country’s laws, but as long as players place wagers at pokies operated from outside borders, which accept NZ residents, everything is good and legal. Still, a careful look should be given to the legality, licensing and trustworthiness of these websites, as well.

How to choose the best paying online slots?

There are several aspects to keep in mind when searching for the best paying online pokies, with the first comparable trait being the RTP. The higher this indicator, the better the odds of winning. This isn’t the only aspect influencing your choice, as you need to take into account:

  • the volatility of the slots, 
  • the maximum value of the jackpot, 
  • if the slot is part of a progressive jackpot network, 
  • the house edge, 
  • the random number generator function and the tools used to ensure it’s not biased permanently 
  • the payout tables each slot uses to reward winning combinations.

What is RTP?

The RTP, or Return to Player ratio, is a statistically calculated average percentage, which reveals the chances that a player has at winning at an online slot machine. Also, choosing the best paying online casino slots is easier when comparing the RTP, as most pokies reveal this information either by themselves or through third party objective companies.