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The most important objective that any punter has when gambling is to gather wealth and fortune and change his life into better. Sure, the fact that we’re lucky enough to live in a time when this can happen in an online environment, to take advantage of many security measures available through technology’s advancements and to have an entertaining experience on top of it all, is important. But the end game remains unchallenged: winning real money. We’ve gone through some of the gaming options preferred by New Zealand gamblers and detailed those which offer a complete wagering experience, as mentioned above.

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Best Online Casino Games in New Zealand

Online Pokies

It’s clear that the focus of gambling operators falls on putting at the client’s disposal a varied array of pokies. There are several reasons to do so:

  • First, from the site’s point of view, pokies have the most generous house edge from all casino games, thus are among the most profitable ones.
  • The gameplay and storyline become increasingly complex and keep gamblers hooked for a longer period of time. This is actually a win-win situation as it increases the spent amount of money but also increases the customer’s chances of winning the jackpot.
  • Pokies developers have more freedom in creating new rules, features and gameplay than is the case for classic table games.

Online Table Games

The attraction for classic table games is one that has been carried out through history for many years. There have been slight variations of these games, but the core of each game remained unchanged. These are designated for those gamblers who are also more comfortable when relying on more than sheer luck when striving for a favorable outcome. The confrontation of skill between players, or the thrill of overpowering the bank, give punters different sorts of sensations than winning at mechanical activated machines, slots for instance. The winnings can also be quite impressive, as there numerous stories of public figures that became millionaires through poker or roulette.

Most Popular Real Money Online Pokies in NZ

Thunderstruck II

There are 243 ways of winning that this sequel of another popular game, provides players with, since 2010. And the excitement doesn’t seem to wear down. Besides becoming friendly with the most famous Nordic Gods, playing this slot gives a shot at winning a jackpot of 2.4 million coins.

Mega Moolah

There aren’t many gambling enthusiasts in NZ that haven’t heard of the four-tier progressive jackpot that Mega Moolah has in store for them. And in terms of scoring the big life-changing hit, the fourth tier starts at winning a minimum of 1 million dollars. This is something that gamblers can enjoy even beyond the entertaining gameplay that this game brings along.

Fruit Zen

Fruit Zen has everything a veritable pokie needs:

  • 3D fruit symbols, one of BetSoft’s specialties concerning graphics and design
  • A 200.000 coins maximum jackpot to indulge any fortune-searching gambler
  • Special features as the expanding Fruit Zen symbol which increases the number of winning combinations
  • Locked reel with the expanded Fruit Zen symbol and rechargeable free spins for unlimited winnings.

Best Online Casino Table Games in NZ


There are several reasons why the blackjack game is one of the most popular table games for NZ players:

  • It has simple and straightforward rules
  • There are numerous guides to a basic strategy for winning
  • There is a basic satisfaction in beating the dealer’s hand, especially for competitive people as gamblers usually are.


This table game seems to be a reminiscence from the forgotten art of gambling and it mostly appeals to more melancholic punters. And we find plenty among the New Zealand players, crossing their fingers for the making the lucky choice when betting on the player, dealer, or hoping for a tie game.


This is the undesignated king of casino-type games, be it slots or table games. The frenzy for poker was rekindled over the years through constant marketing and innovations. The promotion of Texas Hold’Em and the WSOP, for instance, meant a newly developed interest for the game, NZ punters being among the declared fans of poker.


If poker is the king, then undoubtedly, roulette is the queen of table games. The rules have maintained virtually unaltered throughout its long history, with only slight variations between different versions of the game. Where the real money is concerned, there have been many fortunes that have been lost, as well as won, based on the whim of the wheel.