Responsible Gambling

What Does Responsible Gambling Mean?

Responsible gaming is a concept that includes various requirements and policies. These policies apply to gambling stakeholders and companies. The aim is to ensure that the stakeholders in the gambling industry respect the set standards of quality and offer their players a safe use of the casino services, both online and offline.

According to the rules and regulations, gambling is a fun pastime instead of a way to generate an income. Most people see gambling as a recreation and a way to have some fun, but some spend more than they can afford to. This is why software suppliers and online casino operators are requested to comply with responsible gambling principles.

How to Recognize if You Have a Gambling Problem?

If you aren’t sure whether or not you have a gambling problem, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Have you ever lied to hide that you gamble from people around you?
  • Are you going back to chase your loss (win back the money you already lost)?
  • Have you ever borrowed money to gamble?
  • Are you betting more just for the rush it gives you?
  • Do you feel like you’re obsessed with gambling?
  • Are you struggling to quit gambling even though you know it’s bad for you?
  • Have you ever committed fraud, sold or stolen something to get money to gamble?
  • Has anyone close to you pointed out that you might have a gambling problem?

If you have answered any or more than one of these questions positively, you have a gambling problem.

Does your gambling affect those people closest to you?

When a person gambles, this affects everyone closest to him. You don’t have to borrow money or steal from the people around you to affect them with your gambling. It is usually the closest family members that are the biggest victims of a person gambling. This causes them stress, not to mention financial problems that always happen when gambling becomes a real addiction.

Helpful Problem Gambling Organizations

If you answered the questions above and realized that you have a problem, you need to ask for help.

Here are the three most popular gambling organizations that aim to help people with your problem:

  • GamCare provides advice, counselling, and practical help in addressing the impact of gambling activities.
  • Gamblers Anonymous is an organization that’s available in many locations worldwide, aimed to help people with gambling problems.
  • Gambling Therapy operates in the UK and internationally, providing support and counselling for people who are adversely affected by gambling.